What we deliver

Whether you’re the head of the company or head of IT, looking towards solutions that deliver better outcomes, rest assured you’ve browsed the web long enough. You’re here, now.

At SAU Digital, our approach focuses on business first. Delivering first class, leading edge business technology solutions is a given. SAU Digital’s Subject Matter Experts are key to this formula. We are passionate about business technology and methodology. Our professionalism is demonstrated through our approach to solutions, leadership and organisational skills and integrity, and placing customer-first at the top of our values.

We offer an exceptional customer experience. Come and experience the professional difference.

Voice & Data Solutions

We provide solutions for your voice and data needs, to suit varying budgets and requirements your business might have. Whether it be an advanced and well-integrated telephony setup or fibre internet connection with fallback, we seek to blow expectations out of the water.

Cloud Services

Including Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and Office 365 for Business, the idea of the cloud in the modern age is not only beneficial, it’s essential. Compared to on-site alternatives the benefits include: significant reduction in costs from maintenance, removal of the risks of physical damage or loss, centralisation of data, and much more.

Document & Records Management

We bring next-level document management to improve efficiency and increase integrity of handling business-critical information. And in today’s technological world, managing documents, records and contracts frees up valuable time and resources otherwise wasted.

Managed Services & IT Support

This is regular support of your business, whether through direct IT support, managed services, projects, or process improvement. Managed Services can encompass many of our services, yet shaped into an ongoing agreement that suits you and your business’ needs.


Talking with our experienced team to bring benefit to your business in a variety of areas from project management, to digital strategy and process improvement. With team members who are committed to outcomes that are positive and beneficial for you, you’ll feel confident to place your trust in their expertise.

Cyber Security

In the age of very real and complex cyber security risks, be backed by knowledgeable people that are on the front lines against the latest threat trends. People that have solutions to match. People that put the digital protection of your business at the forefront.

Software Development

We have dedicated teams to develop your essential application, whether an internal utility to maximise efficiency or a public application to provide solutions for your clients.

Web, Brand & Graphic Design

We recognise the importance of your business’ brand and presence both in the physical and online worlds, and so provide remarkable solutions to help you get noticed in the market today. Services include Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Web Design & Hosting, Content Management Systems and eCommerce platforms.

Advanced Networking

Solid and secure networking is the hallmark of effective businesses. We can ensure a safe, secure and strong network—keeping you active, online and securely connected. Networking options include internal solutions as well as external Long Haul connectivity.

Hardware Procurement

We are not just the hands on kind of people, but we can assist in procuring the hardware for your business, whether workstations, deskphones. servers, or devices. For your new office upgrade, or a specific project, we can help take the stress and pressure out of that part of the process.

Bringing security
to the forefront.